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What is Debt Collection?

Debt Collection Service

Do you have some worrisome debtors or an overdue account causing concern and are not sure about what to do next??
 “After calling you and handing the problem over to your team, full payment was received within 2 days!”
When speaking about collecting their overdue accounts many people use the phrase debt collection to describe their credit control efforts. There is a difference.
Credit control starts at the very beginning of the relationship with your client through to the time payment is received. Credit Control systems and procedures encompass all aspects of the debtor relationship and these will ensure you get paid on time, on the terms already agreed to by your customers. Most of the time that is....
Debt collection might be necessary where the client has not adhered to the arrangement with you and you now wish a third party professional to get involved to collect the payment.
We can help.
But be careful, sometimes collection by a third party is not the best course of action and can be detrimental to your collection chances! Each case is different.
We will discuss with you your particular problem and outline a personalised collection approach with you. We will set out the options so you can decide the best course of action for you and your business. Obligation free.
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