Why Navco Was Created
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What is Debt Collection?

Why Navco was created


John Yelverton, FBINZ, Diploma Banking


"I’d worked in the banking industry for over 25 years, holding a variety of senior line positions within a major international bank. I’d arranged and structured borrowing facilities and solutions for small to medium and large trading businesses, and gained an acute understanding of the challenges faced by business.

But something that really stood out to me was the constant struggle for small and medium sized businesses to control their cash flow. Time and again I’d see well-run businesses providing their customers with fantastic service, only to have those same customers let them down by slow (or sometimes non) payment.

I decided to do something about it. I started NAVCO.

NAVCO is here to help business owners succeed by providing a personalised credit control and debt collection service at a fraction of the cost of employing fulltime staff. One of our professional credit control managers will work with your existing administration team, their primary focus is to reduce your overdue payments on an ongoing basis.

Discover how NAVCO can benefit your business."


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