Why Navco Was Created
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What is Debt Collection?

Navco Credit Control Professionals

Navco Ltd, Credit Control & Advice Services - Epsom, Auckland

Our aim is simple. To help small and medium sized businesses effectively and economically manage their credit control and debt collection functions by providing a professional outsourced service. We pride ourselves on a prompt, personal service that’s custom made to meet our clients’ individual needs. 

Without question our primary focus is to get payment from debtors, however, we will also nurture and build your customer relationships.

We’ll do this with regular (and always courteous) communication.  

The cost may be less than you might think. Our full ledger management service fee starts from around $50 per week and our average client pays around $100 per week, so the service quickly pays for itself.


For more details please feel free to give us a call on (09) 624 1254