Why Navco Was Created
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What is Debt Collection?

Credit Control Service

Key Benefits
A professional credit control manager will be assigned to your business

We’re not a call centre, we’re a personalised service. Your  accounts will not be passed onto the first available person, instead a designated manager will take control of your credit control and debt collection from start to finish. They will act exactly the same as a full time employee with all communication being in your name.    

Receive prompt feedback on business issues

If your customer has any issues regarding payment you’ll be made aware of them sooner. You can resolve those issues in a timely manner, thus freeing up any obstacles to payment. 

Reduce levels of bad debt

Bad debt can sometimes be the difference between a good year and a bad year, and in extreme cases can be the difference between a business surviving or going bust. It’s a fact that the longer payments go unpaid the more likely they are to be written off as bad debt. Which is more reason to be proactive when controlling credit. 

Like having an extra member of staff, but without the cost

Employing an in-house credit controller would cost your company upward of $60,000 per annum in salary alone. But for a small establishment charge and affordable fee structure, NAVCO can provide you with all the benefits of an in-house credit control manager and debt collection service.  

Your personal credit controller will give your clients the same high standard of service we give our clients. They will behave in a totally professional manner, and show the utmost courtesy at all times. 

We will train your clients to pay on time

This may sound difficult but it’s not. A gentle reminder is often all that’s needed to get a late payment. The reasons for late payment vary greatly, an invoice may have been misplaced or maybe a customer is just waiting for a payment of their own. Whatever it is, our consistent communication will persuade your customers to make your payment a priority each month. 

Working with NAVCO is simple

All you need to provide us with is a copy of your ledgers, any special notes or instructions, and details of banking during the month. Then quite simply, leave the rest to us. 

Dealing with problem debtors

When it comes to problem debtors, we can take the credit control process right through debt collection to the “pre-legal stage”. And we’ll provide this service without any extra charge for our ledger management clients.     

You’ll have unrestricted access to NAVCO

You’ll be able to phone your credit control manager with any queries at any time. Of course if there are any issues relating to  your clients we will inform you immediately. 

We are credit control professionals

Many businesses will set aside a specific time for credit control. But what happens when you are unable to contact a customer after the first phone call? It gets put off. But with a personal credit control manager who concentrates on one task, this is no longer a problem.


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